The NA'URA Hotel is located in what was the home of Don Constantino Trueba Martínez and Doña Elena Díaz Ordaz Trápaga. Don Tino, a Spanish immigrant who arrived in Oaxaca with the dream of starting a family and achieving success, met Doña Elena, an Oaxacan woman with whom he formed a family. They settled in the city of Oaxaca, making the house where the NAURA hotel now stands their residence. 

It was in this house that General Porfirio Díaz lived for a few months. Later, he gifted this property and the La Noria hacienda to his brother Félix Díaz. It was precisely in this hacienda where the historic Plan de La Noria was signed. La Noria owes its name to the immense amount of water it had in its lands; there was so much water that digging just 50 centimeters would make it spring from the ground. 

Years later, Don Manuel Franco Santibañez was enchanted by the beauty of Doña Adriana Trueba, the daughter of Don Tino and Doña Elena. They got married, and after the death of Don Tino and Doña Elena, they continued working on La Hacienda La Noria. Years later, they built their first hotel on the grounds of the hacienda.  

In the early 1990s, the renovation of this property began, lasting two years, and in 1993, the doors of the "Hostal de La Noria" hotel opened. 

Unfortunately, the earthquakes of the early 20th century destroyed the main house of Hacienda La Noria, which was located next to the Church of La Defensa, on what is now Manuel F. Fiallo street, just a few blocks south of the NA'URA hotel. 


But... Why NA'URA? 


NA'URA is derived from the Hispano-Arabic word "Noria." 

The enduring Arab influence over eight centuries in Spain, combined with Don Tino's Spanish roots and Doña Elena's Oaxacan heritage, inspired us to weave these elements together and name this magnificent hotel NA'URA. Since 1993, an iconic figure in Oaxacan hospitality, NA'URA Hotel is managed by Hoteles La Noria, a company founded in 1974 by Don Manuel Franco Santibañez and Doña Adriana Trueba Diaz Ordaz. With over 45 years of experience in the hotel industry, it stands as a testament to their legacy.